Oh, could I go to Greece and look
at what I know but from a book:
where mountains rise and valleys fall
and brooklets fresh pervade it all
in spring; in summer all is still
and waits until a satyr will
appear and with a nymph start play -

So do I think and dream away;
but then, alas, I can not go
and overmore, it is not so:
no Jupiter is thundering now,
it is hoe-heet-hij-ook-zo-gauw
where gunmen round the corners loom
and aircraft hit the soundbar: boom!

Well, let it be: at any rate
take these few pictures to your state
and home, look at them once a while
to have a dream in ancient style,
how in old days a sphinx has met
a rural monster, to beget
a pair of twins: goddes and god.

)1 what’s-his-name